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Periodontist in Savannah: Please Don’t Give Up Flossing

August 1, 2016

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periodontist in savannahAs your periodontist in Savannah, we look at gums every day. From pink, whole, healthy gums to infected gums and receding gums, we see the whole range of periodontal health. We know how to keep this periodontal tissue healthy: excellent dental hygiene at home and regular preventive dental care. That’s why the news that flossing was removed from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture Dietary Guidelines came as a surprise to us — a frustrating shock, to be completely honest. The firestorm that followed this news (people proclaiming the end of flossing, etc.) is filled with misinformation that’s detrimental to everyone’s oral health.

Good Flossing Prevents Gum Disease

Have you given up flossing due to something you’ve heard in the news lately? Not so fast. We want to remind you that flossing is a crucial aspect of good dental health. It’s the only way to prevent plaque buildup and remove the food particles your toothbrush just can’t reach. We already know that flossing daily reduces inflammation and prevents periodontal (gum) disease — so the claim that flossing isn’t all that important is simply, well, false.

Flossing is especially important given the dangerous side effects of gum disease. People who don’t maintain a good oral hygiene routine — brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist every six months — are far more likely to develop the condition. Unfortunately, uncontrolled gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, premature birth, low birthweight, and other diseases linked to periodontitis. Periodontitis eventually causes partial or complete tooth loss.

Enjoy Fresher Breath With Regular Flossing

Aside from preventing gum disease and missing teeth, we want people to keep flossing for another simple reason — fresher breath. No matter how well you brush, your toothbrush just can’t get in between your teeth, where food particles collect throughout the course of the day. Once this forgotten food combines with the bacteria that’s already in your mouth, your breath starts to suffer. Want some unpleasant proof? Take a whiff of your used floss the next time you have skipped a few days. It doesn’t smell good, and it’s what you’re breathing when you skip flossing.

Consider the Reasoning

One more thing — sure, it’s easy to say flossing isn’t all that important due to inconclusive evidence (the reason it was dropped from the Dietary Guidelines to begin with), but let’s consider that for a second. We wouldn’t test the effectiveness of looking both ways before crossing the street versus crossing with a blindfold, would we? No. And we believe it’s the same with flossing — it just makes good sense.

So what’s our recommendation? It’s simple: please don’t give up flossing. It doesn’t matter if you do it at night, in the morning, before brushing or after — just as long as you are flossing at least once a day. And if you need a refresher course on the proper flossing technique, check out this video from the American Dental Association on the right way to floss.

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