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Benefit from Laser Gum Therapy in Savannah

November 25, 2016

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Your dentist for laser gum therapy in Savannah.Gum disease is a common problem for over half of the adult population. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates periodontal disease is one of the most common of all health problems. Gum disease results when the gum tissue becomes inflamed and infected. When treated during the early stage, known as gingivitis, the complications of the condition can be reversed. However, when left untreated, the infection develops into periodontitis. At this point, significant damage to oral and overall health can occur. Tissue loss, bone loss, and tooth loss can occur. In order to treat advanced stages of gum disease, laser gum therapy in Savannah is needed.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease in an infection in the gums that results from bacteria. When proper oral hygiene is not maintained, plaque and tarter begin to accumulate around the gum line. Bacteria builds in the plaque and tarter accumulations, causing the gum tissue to become infected.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a special treatment that uses a dental laser to access and removed damaged and inflamed tissue from around the root of the tooth. By exposing the root after removing the tissue, root scaling can be performed. Root scaling involves removing calculus and plaque buildup from below the gum line.

After the gum line and around the roots of the teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will then smooth any rough areas of the root using a special dental instrument. This is needed to prevent bacterial infections in the future by riding bacteria-prone areas. When the procedure is complete, the area between the gum and root of the tooth will heal and regenerate.

At Savannah Periodontics, we use PerioLase, a less invasive laser therapy that produces effective results. You will not require any incisions or sutures as only the diseased tissue will be targeted and removed. This provides an added level of precision and accuracy to prevent damage to healthy tissue. As a result, recovery will also be easier as the laser stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

Overall, 98 percent of patients who have used this treatment see a significant improvement in the condition after 5 years of treatment. You will treat the infection while also benefiting from a reduction in extreme sensitivities to cold, which is commonly found with other periodontal disease treatments.

PerioLase is a quick and effective treatment for those who need periodontal therapy. The minimally invasive treatment offers a quicker recovery and fewer side effects than traditional gum disease treatments.

Benefit from Laser Gum Therapy

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, benefit from the best dental advancements with PerioLase. As experts for gum disease, Savannah Periodontics offers the most advanced dental technologies to enhance patient care while providing high-quality results.

We are dedicated to creating healthier smiles using advanced care to ensure a lifetime of oral health. Contact Savannah Periodontics today to learn more about this revolutionary new procedure to treat gum disease. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment.

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