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Dental Implants in Savannah

Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth? This loss can be difficult for anyone, resulting in diminished function, damaged oral health, and reduced self-confidence. In fact, many patients find it hard to find as many reasons to smile. While there are traditional restorative solutions out there for patients to choose from, they can be an unsatisfying and a pale imitation of your original, strong smile. While we can’t turn back the clock, the team at Savannah Periodontics is proud to offer a solution to your needs: dental implants. This revolutionary reconstructive option transforms your lacking smile in both health and cosmetic value. If you’d like to schedule an implant consultation with our expert doctors, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

Dental Implant Placement

Are you working with your dentist on a treatment plan to restore one or more of your teeth with dental implants? For years, patients have been achieving great results with this exceptional restorative service. A traditional prosthetic, such as a bridge or denture may help you improve the appearance of missing teeth, and to some extent the functionality of your smile, but only dental implants can produce fully lifelike results.

A full implant procedure is completed over the course of two phases. The first phase involves the surgical placement of one or more implant posts. These implant posts are made from a special biocompatible titanium metal that will fuse with the bone tissue in your jaw over time, creating a powerful bond that mimics the bond between the jaw and a natural root. This fusion of implant with bone is what enables dental implants to provide patients with a newly revitalized smile that looks and feels natural.

Although some general dentists place implants in their office, many dentists refer their patients to a periodontal office, where a specialist can complete the work. Dr. Turner is board certified and has the advanced training and experience necessary to complete your implant placement. Dr. Turner has sought out to develop relationships with the most talented general dentists in the Savannah, Georiga area to insure that the restoration of the implants is done in a manner to produce the very best aesthetic results.

If you have any questions about dental implants, we would love to help you. If you have been to see another doctor regarding implants and would like a second opinion, we would be happy to see you and provide a free consultation (DISCUSS). We are confident that we can provide you with the very best care available at a competitive price and can assist you with attractive financing options

Generally, implants have a 95% or better success rate, making them one of the most predictable treatments available in all of dentistry. At Savannah Periodonitcs, we are so confident in the implant technology used at our practice that we guarantee our implants for five years!

If you still have questions about dental implants, please give us a call.

Mini-implants to secure full dentures

There are some patients who aren't candidates for traditional implants to anchor their dentures. If your teeth have been missing for several years and your jaw has become too narrow, mini-implants are a convenient way to secure your teeth, while avoiding expensive and lengthy bone grafting procedures. Recovery is minimal and they are less than half the cost of traditional implants.

Most patients who opt for mini-implants have a poorly fitting lower denture. Upper dentures tend to have more of a “suction” effect and adhesives are more effective in this area. Lower dentures are more difficult to keep seated because of the movement of the tongue and cheeks.

During the procedure, two, three, or four implants are placed evenly around the jaw. Two implants will help secure the front part of the denture, which is typically the most mobile. Four implants will provide the most stability, much like the four legs of a chair and will also keep the back of the denture from lifting up while you eat. Following the placement, small attachments will be added to the inside surface of your denture. These attachments snap onto the tops of the implants to provide a much firmer and secure fit and allow you to remove the denture as needed. Not only will mini-implants allow you to chew better, but you'll have more confidence that your teeth won't slip while you're talking or laughing!

All-on-Four Dental Implants

Often used to replace dentures or missing teeth, the branded procedure All-on-4 uses four titanium dental implants to anchor the upper or lower jaw. This procedure is similar to the mini-implant concept, but larger implants are used. Also, on the day of your surgery, a temporary denture is placed over the implants and secured with screws. With this technology, your denture cannot be removed but a small space will be left open underneath for cleaning. After three months, your general dentist will have a new denture made that is reinforced by a custom titanium bar, concealed within the denture. This provides a strong foundation for the prosthetic teeth.

Two key elements significantly reduce your treatment complexity, number of surgeries, and the overall treatment time: Tilting of the back two implants avoids the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures, while immediately loading the denture onto your implants shortens time to teeth. You are able to achieve immediate function with great results.

If you still have questions about either of these implant reinforcing procedures, call our office for a consult so we can help you enjoy eating and smiling again!


Patients can require an extraction for a variety of reasons. For some patients, the reason may be linked to an oral health problem like gum disease or tooth decay. For others, the extraction of one or more teeth may be necessary prior to treatment with braces or some kind of custom-made prosthetic, like a denture. It's also important to have the wisdom teeth removed before they have an opportunity to erupt. Leaving the wisdom teeth where they are can increase the chances of painful problems like crowding, impaction or infection.

At Savannah Periodontics, we recognize that extractions are often needed on an emergency basis due to infection or fracture, which can cause pain and swelling and we are prepared to help you on short notice. We have opted not to double book patients and overload our doctor's schedules so that we are there for you when you need us.

Bone Grafting

In addition to facing loss of gum tissue, patients with advanced periodontal disease also experience bone loss. As bacteria accumulates around your teeth causing inflammation, the gum tissue and bone shrink away from the harmful toxins released by the bacteria. As you lose this protective attachment of gum tissue, pockets will form between your teeth and gums. If this process isn't reversed, it can eventually lead to tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the number one reason for adult tooth loss.

But gum disease isn't the only reason for bone loss. Tooth loss itself can cause the jawbone to atrophy. This kind of tooth loss can make it difficult for some patients who are missing one or more teeth to consider dental implants. To be a candidate for implant dentistry, you must have a dense enough jaw to support the implantation of one or more implant posts.

Thankfully, bone loss can be addressed with grafting procedures. During a bone graft, bone tissue taken from the patient's body or from a tissue bank will be placed where it's needed. A dissolvable membrane is also inserted to keep the bone graft and the gum tissue that covers it separate during the regeneration process.

The exact type of procedure we recommend will depend on your needs. Our Savannah team will complete a comprehensive exam beforehand to determine exactly how we can help you. From there, we'll explain our findings and talk to you about what you can expect from the procedure. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to let us know. We believe our patients should have a full understanding of any procedure they may have done.

Sinus Augmentation

Have you been told that you're not a candidate for dental implants because your sinus is too low or you don't have enough bone? At Savannah Periodontics, we offer a specialized bone grafting solution known as sinus augmentation that builds bone while gently lifting your sinus away from the implant site.

During your sinus augmentation, the doctor will add bone grafting material to your upper jaw, near your molars and premolars, just beneath your sinus. As part of this process, we'll need to gently lift your sinus membrane to make room for this added material. As a result, this procedure may also be called a sinus lift. In most cases, the implant(s) can be placed at the same time as the sinus lift. More advanced cases may require a several month healing period prior to implant placement.

Would you like to learn more about sinus augmentation or implant dentistry? We would be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation visit for you. Call us today!

A Comfortable Atmosphere

One of our patients talks about how Savannah Periodontics took all of his fears of the dentist away!

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